Built for busy people


With Xitracs Standards™ you are ready for your next accreditation project

Gather evidence

Collect and share documents and evidence in a single place without emailing attachments. Then map to the pre-built self-study template. Engage faculty and others using the no-fuss portal interface.

Start writing

Add your narrative and link to evidence as needed. Assign other to work on specific parts of the report or add comments. Set due dates, track progress and generate reminders with the calendar feature.

Publish your report

Preview your report at any time then publish with a click. Select the format as Website, PDF or Word. Manage reviewer access through a secure portal. Add peer review comments and publish responses.


Use Xitracs to prepare and publish your next compliance report. Choose a pre-built agency template and get started.

Feature rich and simple to use

Contact us today and arrange a brief online demonstration and let us show you how Xitracs can benefit your institution, with a flexible and affordable solution.

The reports you need, the ease they want..

Xitracs is built to help you gather, track and report information without burdening faculty and staff with a complex and difficult to use system. It's that simple!