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Xitracs Release 6™

New features make a great product even better! Here is just a sample...

Outcomes Assessment

Now choose how to gather assessment data so teaching faculty can enter student results for outcomes in their courses, use rubrics or pull from their LMS with a minimum of fuss.
Map Course outcomes to GenEd outcomes and Program outcomes for easy roll-up tracking and reporting.
Use the juried assessments feature to let multiple scorers rate student work against outcomes.

Faculty Activity Reporting

Now faculty can create a profile and capture and report activities, such as publications and research.

Faculty Credentialing

Create workflows for credentialing faculty to teach courses. Customize steps for review and approval.
Say goodbye to unwieldy paper-based procedures.

Project Tracking

Stay on top of your accreditation activities with a project dashboard that lets you track progress to completion.


Create a glossary of terms for your institution to provide a quick reference guide to users.

Feature rich and simple to use

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The reports you need, the ease they want..

Xitracs is built to help you gather, track and report information without burdening faculty and staff with a complex and difficult to use system. It's that simple!