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Learning Outcomes Assessment

With Xitracs Assessment™ and Xitracs Programs™ assessment reporting just got easier

Outcomes Assessment

Track learning outcomes at GenEd, Program and Course level.
Map course outcomes for easy roll-up reporting.
Teaching faculty can enter student results directly, use rubrics or pull the data from their LMS.

Program Assessment

Assess programs with objectives and results. Set your reporting cycle and timeframe. Easily set up program reporting fields using the terminology you want. Include quantitative assessment data. Link program reports to plans for multi-cycle program review.

Keep On Track

With the program dashboard you have a dynamic snapshot to view and proactively track progress.
Drill-down into program or course outcome assessments. Flag exceptions or gaps. Preview or publish reports at any time.


Engage faculty in assessment reporting and say goodbye to paper forms and spreadsheets.

  • Course and juried (multi-scorer) assessment of GenEd, external and program learning outcomes.
  • Rubrics with weighting for criteria and levels, plus feature to set thresholds.
  • Summary reports in graphical and tabular formats, plus detailed data in Excel®.
  • Curriculum and outcome mapping shows where outcomes are addressed in each program.
  • Program assessment reports with plan linking for roll-up reporting for multi-year program reviews.
  • Optional Blackboard®, Canvas® or D2L Brightspace® LMS gradebook linking*.
  • Peer review, feedback and approval workflow.
*Contact us for other LMS availability of this feature.

Feature rich and simple to use

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