Built for busy people

Strategic Planning

With Xitracs Planning™ you can stay on top of your goals and objectives

Quick to Setup

A flexible fieldset design means you can gather plan input the way you want and using your own terminology. Include budget data. Link one plan to another plan for roll-up reporting.

Align Goals

Define and align goals so that department and unit plans support institution-level goals and objectives.

Track Progress

A snapshot view lets you monitor progress in real-time. Feedback comments from peers can be included. Plan reports can be published with a click in a variety of formats.


Use the dynamic snapshot view to monitor progress, track budgets and drill-down into linked information.

Ad-hoc Surveys

Create questionnaires to survey selected faculty and staff on a variety of topics. Optionally link survey reports to a plan.

Approval Workflow

Enable the workflow feature to support the review and approval of goals for organizational reports.

Feature rich and simple to use

Contact us today and arrange a brief online demonstration and let us show you how Xitracs can benefit your institution, with a flexible and affordable solution.

The reports you need, the ease they want..

Xitracs is built to help you gather, track and report information without burdening faculty and staff with a complex and difficult to use system. It's that simple!