Built for busy people

Data is available

With Xitracs DataView™ you can now bring the data to your desktop.

Data is Accessible

It's easy to extract the data you need in a standard database table (.mdb) file format. Download it to your desktop quickly and securely. Select and link tables to define relationships.

Use your own Analytics

Import table data into your own Excel based tool or into SPSS® or SAS®. Now you have all the data and you have the flexibility to define your own analytics using the tools you prefer.

Create your own Reports

Use your own tools to create the reports you want. No need to wait for an external resource. So it's easier to customize the content, format and appearance and include charts and graphs.


DataView lets you bring your data to your desktop, so you are ready to meet your reporting needs with a minimum of fuss.

Feature rich and simple to use

Contact us today and arrange a brief online demonstration and let us show you how Xitracs can benefit your institution, with a flexible and affordable solution.

The reports you need, the ease they want..

Xitracs is built to help you gather, track and report information without burdening faculty and staff with a complex and difficult to use system. It's that simple!